Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live within colonies beneath the surface. The soil that they live in helps to provide with needed moisture and also protects them from constant exposure of light, air, and enemies. In order to inhabit the structure of your home they create “mud tubes” that can tunnel hundreds of feet to their food source. No matter how your home is constructed, where it is located, or how new it is, it could be attacked by termites. Termites range across 70% of the world and every part of the United States, except for Alaska.

Damages Caused By Termites

Termite damage can be extensive within a home, yet remain undetected for years by homeowners. Often these termite infestations will remain undetected because of their foraging habits which has them hidden from view beneath the surface. On an annual basis alone termites create over $5 billion worth of damage within the United States. These damages are often uninsured by your typical homeowners insurance, so it is important for the earliest detection.

Signs Of Termites

The most common way of identifying is the swarming of reproductive termites in the spring. These termites leave the colony each year at spring, leaving behind discarded wings often found in piles along window sills. Another sign would be “mud tubes” within the structure found in expansion joints, foundation cracks, and tiny gaps in an around plumbing/electrical entries.

Our Solution

Rid-X will provide the best possible solution for each individual homeowner. This customized approach helps to fit the needs of the home based upon the structure an areas of infestation. The most common approach for treatment is our liquid treatment with Termidor. This treatment will help to provide and ensure quick, lasting results.

Trenching, Application, & Patching

The Liquid Defense System creates an immediate treatment zone at key entry points in an around your house's foundation. As termites tunnel through these treatment areas, they become affected either through contact or ingesting the treated soil. Control is almost immediate as the termites spread the material to other termites, reducing the colony's population until your home is termite-free.